Judge Jessica Giner was unanimously selected by the Mayor and City Council of the City of Renton to serve as one of the City’s two Municipal Court Judges in March 2021.  Judge Giner brings to the bench 15 years of balanced experience in criminal law and the confidence of more than a dozen courts in Western Washington who regularly relied on her services as an experienced Judge Pro Tem prior to her appointment in Renton.  Having served in our community’s courtrooms for the past eight years, she has honed her skills as a competent and steady decision-maker and earned a judicial rating of “Exceptionally Well Qualified” from the King County Bar Association and top ratings from six of our Minority Bar Associations.

In addition to her extensive work as a Judge Pro Tem in the courts of King and Pierce County, Judge Giner served as a Pierce County prosecutor for seven years as Special Assault Unit Counsel focusing on domestic violence and sexual assault crimes.  Later she had her own private criminal defense practice for five years.  She served as legal counsel in Washington State’s first therapeutic court programs and developed a professional reputation as an experienced trial attorney committed to addressing the root causes of crime.

Judge Giner’s balanced perspective on our justice system also led to her work as a teaching faculty member at both Everett Community College and City University of Seattle. She was the first woman Department Chair of Everett Community College’s Public Safety Department.

Judge Giner is a graduate of Seattle University (both B.A. cum laude and J.D.), and her academic research on topics ranging from juvenile justice to implicit bias in higher education has been published.

Judge Giner is a native of South King County and is a member of both the Renton Chamber of Commerce and the Renton Rotary Club where she has spearheaded a project to connect local farmers with food banks to provide them with needed fresh food.  As a member of the King County Council Women’s Advisory Board, she worked to address gender based domestic violence, particularly in minority communities, and advocated for county funding for affordable child care.  She is the coach of a Mock Trial team at Eastlake High School, a volunteer host for Classrooms in the Courtrooms, and a reliable volunteer with Girl Scouts of Western Washington and Little League.

Jessica and her husband, David, a software engineer, have two children, ages 6 and 8, who attend public schools.